Saturday June 21, 2014: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm -- Downtown

This event is intended for grade 4 - adult

AADL hosts the 2014 Kids Read Comics Celebration, bringing more than seventy cartoonists and writers to the Downtown Library for the entire weekend! This is the fifth annual KRCC, an event that promotes comics as a part of lifelong reading and as a means of creative expression for kids and teens. It is a two-day event, so be sure to also join us on Sunday, June 22 from 12:30 to 6:00 pm.

Our special guest artist is Matthew Holm, who is exactly one half of the brother/sister team behind the popular "Babymouse and Squish" series from Random House. Matt will be talking and doing art throughout the weekend.

Of course, there will be dozens of other comics and animation artists and writers as well, such as Rob Stenzinger, Jerzy Drozd, Ruth McNally Barshaw, Gregg Schigiel, Jacob Chabot and many more. You can see the full schedule of events and presenters on the Kids Read Comics website.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity!


comics is the best!

I love comics!


I love comics to!

More than one talk by Matthew Holm?

Curious whether Matthew Holm will speak or present more than just the 11 am slot on Saturday. Any other chances to see him work?

sounds cool. I passed on the

sounds cool. I passed on the website to kids that chose art at my school.


KRC is always a fun weekend, especially for Summer Game players.




Don't forget that even without KRC providing tons of points, DT library also has an abundance of game codes hidden in the library.

Ahhh this event is honestly

Ahhh this event is honestly the highlight of my summer; it's so much fun!


i love to read comics

I wish this didn't coincide

I wish this didn't coincide with the grand opening of the new skate park on Saturday, but I guess we can spend all day Sunday at KRC!

The frenzy of points

The frenzy of points collecting that goes on at KRC... To search for points 8hrs, good luck to those attending! One should do a lot of stamina training for KRC, unless you band together with other point-hunters to divide up the day...

Both my parents are asleep so

Both my parents are asleep so I don't know if we're going to be able to go. I was really excited, too.